Trees to save the planet!

Trees must be planted to fight climate change – This according to scientific research conducted by the prestigious ETH polytechnic in Zurich published in the journal Science.

In the study it was calculated that to reduce CO2 emissions, trees should be planted on a surface area of ​​just under one billion hectares, allowing two thirds of the carbon dioxide emissions produced by humans to be absorbed.

To cover the necessary area, the study also identifies the places suitable for reforestation: (151 million hectares), United States (103 million), Canada (78.4 million), Australia (58 million), Brazil (49.7 million) and China (40.2 million).

However, time is crucial. The trees planted today will take many years to grow and capture the amount of CO2 needed so we must act now.

Not only planting trees but also preserving existing ones.
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